Thursday, September 22, 2011

Next please

After reading one of favorite people's blogs, I realized that I have lost the magic...since starting nurse anesthesia school, all I do is sit and study (which isn't paying off as much as I would like). I feel pretty useless, I don't have time to do what I used to do for my family. I stay stressed out, I miss my kids, I miss Jamie, I miss my family. I have not found a happy balance in my life yet but after reading Hilary's post I know I need to because I'm going to miss out on the little things. So how do I find this balance?? I have no idea but when I do I will tell you..until then I am going to "dance momma dance" (time permitting of course). When I am finished with school, I vow to dance momma dance EVERYDAY! My guess is that I may no have happy balance for the next 27 months but I will make sure I do after that!