Wednesday, May 18, 2011

You are my first blog post! You are the person I lean on, I laugh with, I learn with.  5+ years with you has gone by way too fast.  We have been to many great places, watched many wonderful things, had a beautiful baby boy together and our future is still wide open!  You are so caring and giving.  Watching you love your son is an image I will forever hold in my memory.  You make me laugh and all along the way you have made a better person.  Through our ups and downs I have learned that our love is something special.  I'm so thankful we met and that you asked me out over text message during Grey's Anatomy : )  You introduced me to California, good beer, airplanes, sunscreen, Pigeon Forge cabins, skiing, running....I always find comfort in holding your hand and I hope to be holding it forever.

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